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Welcome to Bangalore-based Ide-Pro Engineering Asia Pvt Ltd offering fast and efficient prototyping solutions to turn your idea into a product.

We have established a full range of end-to-end capabilities and are equipped with a variety of techniques to produce prototypes from plastics, light metals and EPS.

The company, founded by brothers Tommy and Morten Nors, serves satisfied clients across a range of sectors throughout Europe.

Over the last 20 years it has built a solid reputation by producing reliable prototypes and small production runs to clients’ specifications and requirements.

Since inception our focus has been on competitive pricing and delivering prototypes with fast turn-around time. We understand the crucial role prototyping plays in this era of ever-shortening product life cycles.

With consumers opting for buying newer models of mobile phones, cars and computers, companies are facing pressure to innovate and launch sleeker and more convenient products. This trend has led to demand for reliable prototypes produced in the shortest time possible.

Ide-Pro Engineering Asia has expertise to offer solutions for different processes and get products from the drawing board to production quickly and efficiently.

We help clients develop their ideas and accelerate their product design and development processes and reduce prototyping production time.

Our business strategy is to continually invest in research and development and remain committed to the success of clients by evolving improved moulding techniques and processes.

We believe that best prototyping projects are built on collaboration. We derive success out of every prototyping project by getting everything right at the planning stage itself. We provide support and technical prototyping expertise from the initial stages of design so as to minimize risks to the project at the crucial stage later on.

We pass on to every project the benefits of our strengths: experience and expertise, short delivery time and flexibility. We have successfully completed projects for prestigious clients including Fortune 500 companies.