Why Idé-Pro?

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As global markets become increasingly competitive, speed and low-cost take high priority a

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  • Proactively supports and helps entrepreneurs and inventors take their ideas from prototype to production.
  • Acts as dependable product development partner in bringing new products to market.
  • Walks the extra mile to ensure journey from idea to invention to patent is hassle-free.
  • Enjoys sustainable competitive advantage in Asia Pacific by offering the most cost-effective services.
  • Has extensive process development and product development engineering experience to help customers meet their unique needs by answering their queries and choose the right prototype process so that they can benefit from best solutions.
  • Treats invention ideas with utmost respect and complete confidentiality to protect the intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs and inventors by adhering to strict nondisclosure restrictions so that no part of the their ideas or designs are discussed or shared with unauthorized entities.
  • Offers personalized services to assist customers through various phases of processes.
  • Ensures fast and promised turn-around time.