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Supply of injection molded prototypes

Ide-Pro Engineering Asia has over the years perfected the process in manufacturing injection-molded prototypes and short run molding. Injection molded prototypes have emerged as the most cost-effective alternative to rapid prototyping and we have developed unmatched capabilities and expertise in the intricacies of making injection-molded prototypes.

As global markets become increasingly competitive, speed and low-cost take high priority and we deliver injection-molded prototypes in a variety of thermoplastics, for various applications, faster and more economical than any company in Asia. To test form and fit, other processes cannot equal real injection molded parts.

With our customer-focused approach and quick turn-around time our customers are always in an enviable position as they can start functional testing before going into production.

We treat big corporations as well as small and medium sized customers on an equal footing and offer our service by handling low and high volumes of work.

Besides supplying injection molded prototypes to customers we also assist them in product development so that their products are launched without any loss of time and cost-effectively.

We understand our customers’ requirements to produce high-quality and fully functional injection molded prototypes. Our guiding philosophy is to set new standards of excellence and make a difference in the Indian sub-continent.