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Supply of light metal prototypes

Before we actually manufacture prototypes in light metals such as aluminium, magnesium or zinc we make an assessment of customers’ requirements. We adopt three different types of processes: Tempo Form (investment casting) Tempo Cast (plaster mold casting) and die-casting.

The Tempo Form process or the investment casting method is meant for smaller quantities but for fastest deliveries. This is perfect for the extremely rapid manufacturing of metal parts in aluminium, magnesium and zinc. Because of the design freedom this process is ideal for parts that are complicated to cast with traditional methods.

The Tempo Cast or the plaster mold casting method is meant for substantial quantities. This involves production of functional prototypes in aluminium, magnesium and zinc which can be compared with die-cast parts. Design specifications are the same as for die-casting and these parts can be cast with a wall thickness from 1 mm.

Die-cast is done for functional prototypes in aluminium, magnesium and zinc in special tools designed for prototype production. The characteristics of the prototypes are exactly the same as for products manufactured in high volume. This method allows for making adjustments to customers’ tools quickly and inexpensively.